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Sensitive products

Sensitive care with organic oat

– for the entire family
Liquid soap – Shower gel – Shampoo – Bodylotion – Deo Roll-On

The eubiona Sensitive Care Line protects and cares with the proven
and skin-friendly active ingredients organic oat, organic jojoba and
organic evening primrose. In combination with very mild sugar surfactants,
the high-quality eubiona care products are particularly suitable
for dry, reddened, irritated or allergy-prone skin.

Only high-quality natural substances are used for the particular quality
of eubiona products: precious natural oils and valuable herbal
extracts. During manufacturing we especially pay attention to both
the environmental impact and the selection of raw materials.

The following applies to the eubiona Sensitive Care line with
organic oat:

  • CO2-neutral manufacture
  • Without synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives, PEG, SLS,  parabens
  • Silicon, mineral and petroleum-free products
  • Without micro plastic
  • Vegan
  • Surfactants biodegrade within 48 hours

 Sensitive products

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