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Sun Protection

Protect skin in the sun

With eubiona sun: reliable, 100% natural, immediately effective, water resistant –
in accordance with the new recommendations of the European Commission


Sunlight does us good and is important for our lives, but it also has many dangers especially for the skin. Four eubiona sun products with unique nourishing organic-active ingredient combinations immediately protect against harmful UV radiation thanks to the mineral sun-protection filter.

Two product ranges with a total of three different sun protection factors means they can be applied individually. For example, the new sunscreen was developed without added alcohol. It is therefore suitable for particularly sensitive skin and also for delicate children's skin due to its very high SPF.

eubiona sun products are guaranteed:

  • With mineral light protection filters
  • 100% natural
  • Immediate protection
  • Water resistant
  • Without any synthetic sunscreen filters, synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives
  • Without PEG, parabens, silicones, paraffin, petroleum, paraffin alcohol
  • Without micro plastic
  • Coral reef friendly
  • Vegan

Sunbeams are balanced in the ratio UVA: UVB 1: 3 according to the EU Commission recommendation

 Sun Protection

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